It's been a lifelong dream..
And it is finally becoming a reality.

After losing my first baby at 12 1/2 weeks pregnant, part of me knew I was not destined to be a mommy. Four miscarriages later, the universe had pretty much solidified that fact. Although I fought through a difficult bout of depression, I soon learned to accept this. I am not here to be a mom. I was put on this Earth for another amazing purpose: saving animals.

Growing up, our home was the place our friends brought all the strays and unwanted animals to. They knew we would either take them in and make them part of the family or find another loving home for them. I thank my kind and generous parents for this. They taught me to respect life. All life. I continued rescuing animals whenever possible, but I felt a compelling desire to do MORE.

And so the Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary was born.

The name comes from two losses that my husband and I experienced together:
  • Erin - (another name for Ireland or "Eire") -- Eire was our beloved rescued Doberman who crossed the rainbow bridge on January 18, 2019.
  • Regan - the name of our first baby we lost. I know in my heart that she would have loved the animals as much as I do.

From those losses, hope was born. The Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary will offer so many animals a chance at a new life full of love and warmth.

My husband Jeff and I work tirelessly to save as many animals as possible. Please visit this website and our Facebook Page often to take part in our journey and help us save as many animals as possible.

Thank you for helping us help the animals.

Peace, love, and fuzzy hugs,
Tracy and Jeff Bulino

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