We work tirelessly to save abused, neglected, and unwanted farm and companion animals. Thank you for helping us on our mission!


Since we opened the doors to Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in July 2019, we have saved hundreds of farm and companion animals.  Although we take on all types of animals, we specialize in difficult, severe cases in danger of euthanasia. Animals that need expensive life-saving treatment are often euthanized in shelters in order to conserve funds. We feel that these animals deserve a chance at life, too!

We recently expanded to a 40-acre facility with plans to build a state-of-the-art FULL size climate-controlled shelter complete with quarantine room, medical services room, doggy spa, and a fully furnished living room where canine guests will get time each day to get out of their kennels and experience a home-like setting with one-on-one attention from shelter volunteers. We know that assimilating to a home environment is difficult for dogs that may have spent most or all of their lives outdoors, on the run, or in poor living conditions. This shelter will provide much needed attention, socialization, and rehabilitation to ensure cats and dogs can be successfully placed into forever, loving homes.

Our future plans also include purchasing a van to do our own transports in order to get more dogs and cats out of the overcrowded, high-kill shelters and into loving homes in other areas of the country where overpopulation isn't as much of an issue. We also plan to start a local spay and neuter clinic and feral cat TNR program to help combat the massive overpopulation problem in the south.

We currently also provide sanctuary to farm animals in need of a place to escape abuse and slaughter so that they, too, can have a chance at life. We believe all animals are beautiful and deserve compassion and respect. You can help save even more animals by keeping them off your plate!

With your help, we will continue to save countless animals from unnecessary euthanasia, neglect, abandonment, and abuse.

Thank you for your support!

Tracy and Jeff Bulino



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Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible as permitted by federal law.

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